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My Fitness Favorites Blog Hop | Mommy Runs It

It’s blog hop time again, and I have a confession to make. I LOVE giveaways. Not just hosting giveaways on Mommy Runs It, although I do love giving you guys great free stuff. But I mean that I love entering them! I’m a huge fan of blog giveaways, and I enter them all the time – especially on my favorite running and fitness blogs.

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My giveaway “habit” started as a way to show my support to my fellow bloggers. There’s a big community of us out there, and we support each other in lots of different ways – and one way is by entering and sharing each other’s giveaways. I hope I’m not spilling trade secrets here – there’s nothing fishy about it. We enter on the Rafflecopter, just like you. It’s just that many (most?) bloggers are also blog readers, and reading posts and entering giveaways is just part of the fun. It’s also an easy way to help out a friend. Win-win.

Anyway, I started out entering giveaways here and there. And then I started winning. What? I’m not the kind of person who wins stuff. Only guess what…it turns out that I actually kind of am.

My Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop | Mommy Runs It


The more I won, the more I entered…which meant that I started winning more stuff. That’s just statistics, right? Now,  I haven’t won a jet ski or a Coach purse or anything. But I’ve won running gear and beauty products and cool stuff for the kids. Just yesterday, I came home and found two packages in my mailbox – both with stuff I’d won in giveaways. Yay me!

So in summary: 1) I’m mildly obsessed with entering giveaways; and 2) You should enter them too, because if I can win stuff, so can you.

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{Side Note: There’s a whole community of folks (“sweepers”) who approach giveaways & sweepstakes as a very serious hobby (“sweepstaking”) or sometimes even as a way to make a living. It’s interesting stuff – you can read more about it here or here.} 

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My Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop

Anyway, back to the matter at hand – MY giveaway! I’m an Ambassador for MaxFlowSports, and I’ve already shared my love for their super-cute no-slip Cross-Grip Hairbands. Today I’m giving away another one of their awesome products – a pair of their Low-Show Women’s Socks. (Sorry, guys. But I bet it would be a great gift for your favorite runner girl.)

Here’s the product description from MaxFlowSports:

  • Zone cushioning for comfort and blister prevention
  • Mesh top for ventilation
  • Superior moisture wicking
  • Arch support to reduce foot fatigue and boost circulation
  • Contoured Y heel for comfort and perfect fit, eliminating heel slippage
  • Ultra-soft feel
  • Enhanced stain release material from STA-COOL® yarns

They retail for $12 and come in 5 really pretty colors: Sheen (green), Pomegranate (pink), Dreamsicle (orange), Pacific Mist (blue), and Midnite (black).

My Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop | Mommy Runs It     My Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop | Mommy Runs It     My Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop | Mommy Runs It

My Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop | Mommy Runs It     My Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop | Mommy Runs It

MaxFlowSports is giving one of my readers a pair of Low-Show Socks in the color of her choice. Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway!

Stuff you should know before you enter the giveaway —> * This giveaway is open to US residents only. You must be 18+ to enter. Winners will be notified via email and given 48 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner may be selected. Mommy Runs It is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway ends at midnight EST on 7/20/14.*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and thanks for entering! And after you enter, keep scrolling to check out some more awesome fitness blog giveaways!    


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  1. Yup! I love sweeps and giveaway for stuff I can use! Best thing I ever won was an iPad, since I’d always always wanted one but it was too much $$. I literally screamed and nearly hyperventilated when I won, haha. :)

  2. JillSue says:

    I just won a pair of Asics shoes.

  3. I love giveaways! The best thing I won was a bib and medal holder for my marathons!

  4. I love giveaways too! My favorite win was an awesome pillow and cooler pad for the pillow. :)

  5. I enter giveaways all the time and have won lots of different prizes. I’d say my favorite win was probably a Ford prize package. We received a rental car for a weekend, one night hotel stay, meals, and tickets to a Indianapolis Colts game.

  6. Haha, I enter every giveaway! I’ve won 2 pairs or really awesome Reebok Crossfit shoes 😉

  7. I have won a ton of awesome goodies. Hard to pick a best thing… I did win 3 nights at an eco lodge in Nicaragua on a blog raffle for $10 😉 and the money went to a good cause. Win-win!

  8. I love raffles too! You’re right it’s a great way to get to know and support other bloggers. I won some headphones a few weeks ago so that was cool! I’ve never tried these socks. I will be having a great giveaway tomorrow hope you will check it out!

  9. Lisa Jones says:

    Yes! I love giveaways! The best thing I’ve won is shoes. I’ve won a couple pairs of Mizunos and I’ve also won some Skora shoes.

  10. I haven’t won a blog giveaway. Actually, I don’t think I’ve won anything!

    • Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you this time around. Make sure you check the other giveaways on the blog hop – there’s some good stuff up for grabs!

  11. Carla D. says:

    I have won many blog giveaways. I’d say my biggest prize so far would have to be a pool worth $200.

  12. I have won a blog giveaway, that is hard I have won an ipad and a Visa gift card.

    • Wow! Man, I’d love to win an iPad. I don’t know if I’ve actually ever entered to win one though – those giveaways are always so big, and I guess I just figure I have no chance of winning.

  13. I won an entry to a spartan race once:)

  14. The box of Cheribundi cherry juice that I won is one of my favorite things that I’ve won.

  15. giveaways are addictive! One week I won 3 headbands! Love them!

  16. tntgeorge1324 says:

    I have entered several giveaways. My fave think so far was a Polar Loop.

  17. I won a Dirty Dog running sunglasses giveaway over a year ago, and OH MAN was that the best thing I’ve ever won from a blog giveaway. I’ve worn them on every run since and they are a huge game changer! (Even if they do make me look way too serious 😛 )

  18. I won ProCompression socks once from hellyontherun which were great and probably the most expensive prize. I recently won Granola from Nutmeg Fitness that was from Paleo Porker and that was the most delicious prize I’ve ever won!

    • I won a pair of compression socks too – mine were from Crazy Compression and pamommylovestorun. I love them – and they’re pink! :)

  19. I won an iTunes gift card once, but I never seem to win :(

  20. I won some protein pancake mix once. It was really good. I added blueberries. :-)

  21. I have won a giveaway and it was pretty recent! I won an amazon gift card! :)

  22. I won a target giftcard before and just won an outfit from fabletics and quest bars!

  23. Julie Wood says:

    The most awesome thing I won was a Blendtec Blender! My whole family loves it!

  24. This One Italian Girl says:

    I won a blog giveaway from Katie at From Ice Cream to Marathon for an awesome headband!

  25. I won a ticket to a running retreat once and it was awesome!

  26. I won an Oreck vacuum cleaner and tickets to see the Astros before. I love giveaways. These socks look awesome.

  27. I won a pair of socks before so maybe I’ll win these! 😉

  28. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Yes, I enter them all the time and I’ve won quite a few. I think my favorite thing I’ve won thus far would be fruit bliss dried fruits. They were absolutely delicious.

  29. breannaS says:

    I have won a giveaway. My favorite win so far has been a free race entry to a dirty girl run. I don’t get to race until september but I think it will be awesome.

  30. I’ve won running shoes!

  31. Krysten says:

    I won a blog giveaway for compression socks last summer.

  32. The best thing I ever won was the first giveaway I ever entered, it was a big one and I won I running skirt, socks, ear buds, and some other things I can’t remember all of it any more. I was hooked!

  33. I’ve won a couple. My two favorites were a Core Power package and a water belt.

  34. A new sports bra!!! :-)

  35. I won a RoadID band!

  36. I won a pair of Topo Athletic shoes!

  37. I am addicted to giveaways, too! The best thing I have ever won was a box of 15 granola bars in a brand I had never tried. They ended up being amazing!!!

  38. I have! I won a Bondi Band before which was pretty cool!

  39. Love trying new socks. Can always use more because my daughter and I love socks!

  40. I won a RoadID and now I never run without it!

  41. Deborah says:

    I recently won Bondi Band headbands! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  42. I love entering and connecting with new people. I haven’t won a sweepstakes or a raffle yet, but that doesn’t stop me. :)

  43. Oops I entered before seeing that it’s only opened to US residents :(

  44. i have yet to win a giveaway, but it doesn’t keep me from entering!

  45. Carla S says:

    One time I won a le creuset braiser from a blog giveaway.

  46. I’m kind of obsessed with entering giveaways and Twitter parties, and have won quite a few things. I entered with a tweet for Planet Fitness and won a trip for my husband and myself to the Biggest Loser Finale in LA! Amazing!

  47. My family jokes that my superpower is being lucky because I always win. The best is a tie between tickets to a concert from one of my favorite bands and an iPad mini.

  48. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I won a trip to Destin. Have not gone yet. Hoping to in September!

  49. Jennifer says:

    I’ve won a few blog giveaways. Nothing big,kt tape,headbands,and sample energy drinks.

  50. A $50 Amazon gift card was my best and favorite!

  51. Shannon F says:

    I’m pretty sure we’re soul sisters. That’s how I was when I first started entering giveaways… once I won one, I was like “whoa. I won. I never win anything!” and then the more I won, the more I entered. lol Btw, you’re totally the healthier soul sister… although I love to run, most days I just prefer to put on my running clothes and have a glass of wine instead. lol

    • You have no idea how much you just made my day. Or…if we’re soul sisters…maybe we have some weird psychic connection and you actually do! :) <3

  52. wen budro says:

    I won a $400 gift card and an iPad. I am more than mildly obsessed with entering….it’s become a bit of an addiction. I’m still hoping to score big and win a house from HGTV. Then I’ll taper off….I can quit at any time….really I can.

  53. I’ve never won a giveaway, but I’d certainly love to

  54. These look great! I’ve splurged recently on good running socks. I’ve never won anything from a blog sweepstakes before (a good time to start?), but I’ve won tickets to events from email subscriptions a couple times. 😀

  55. Ellen Casper says:

    Love giveaways – $400 leather boots was the best

  56. Paol Trenny says:

    The best win was a Soda Stream machine.

  57. I never won a online giveaway before. I hope to though:)

  58. Yes, I’ve won several cool giveaways. It doesn’t sound exciting, but the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is an expensive pair of boat shoes. I wear ’em all the time.

  59. I have won a few giveaways! I’ve won some awesome ARC autographed signed copies of awesome books by bestsellers, I’ve won running gear and supplements. The best thing I ever won was a 3 day trip to Seattle for 2, I enjoyed that one! Your post is so correct, if you enter giveaways eventually you’ll win them and it’s an awesome feeling having UPS or Fedex being the adult santa:)

  60. I love giveaways too! I won a sweatshirt & mug in the Christmas blog hop giveaway. :)


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