Friday Five

Bloggers are big on alliteration. We’ve got Motivation Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and so forth. So today I’m joining in on the fun with a Friday Five – typically a wrap-up or the highlights of the week and/or favorite things. - I don't work on Fridays, I make appearances!


I haven’t posted a whole lot lately – I’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes blog maintenance instead. But a Friday Five sounds like fun – so here’s mine.

Roller Skating

Last weekend, my daughters went to a roller skating birthday party, and Mr. Runs It and I tagged along. We had so much fun! Bonus – it was a great workout for my legs and butt. I hope to post more about roller skating soon, especially now that my sister is a kick butt roller derby girl!

Friday Five | Mommy Runs it

But for now here are some photos from our day at the skating rink.

Friday Five | Mommy Runs It

We literally shut the place down. (Which isn’t as impressive as it sounds, since it was a Sunday and the place closed at 5pm. But still.) My only complaint was the music. I mean, seriously? Justin Bieber and Ke$ha is the best they can do? How’s a thirty-something mom supposed to get her skate on without Wham! and Bananarama?

Sunshine Burgers

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a veggie burger kind of girl. But a lot of my friends and readers are – so when the opportunity to review Sunshine Burgers came along, I went for it. I’ll be posting a full review of a variety of their products in a couple of weeks, but I just wanted to share that I had one for lunch today (the flavor was called Loco Chipotle) and it was actually really good!

Firday Five | Mommy Runs It

Selfies with Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture HomeStore is an official sponsor of the 26.2 with Donna (the National Marathon To Finish Breast Cancer) – which I will be running in a little over 2 weeks!!! One of the ways they’re supporting the cause is with their “Selfie” campaign. All you have to do is stop by any of their Jacksonville, Florida locations wearing pink, get comfy on their furniture, take a selfie, and post it on their Facebook page. A $2,620.00 Sleep Shopping Spree is up for grabs – so if you happen to live in the area, you should do it!

I’m one of the Local Ambassadors for the 26.2 with Donna, so I got to be one of the first to participate in this campaign (and I’m a tiny bit obsessed with taking selfies, so it was a familiar subject matter).

Friday Five | Mommy Runs It

Last month, my daughters and I even got to be a part of the commercial for it! Ashley Furniture posted the photos from the shoot on their Facebook page this week. I’m not super thrilled with the photos of me, but for reals, could my girls be any prettier?

Friday Five | Mommy Runs It

To see more pictures from the shoot (tons more of my girls), visit Ashley Furniture on Facebook.


We don’t have cable – we got rid of it several years ago, and now we only watch DVDs and stream online television. I love TV, but I more or less gave it up when my kids were toddlers. It was just easier to settle into a Dora-Elmo-Mickey Mouse routine.

In the last couple of years, now that my kids are older, I’ve kind of rediscovered television. But I watch it on Netflix. So I’ll pick a show (usually one that I missed entirely) and I’ll watch it all at once. I love it and can’t imagine watching TV any other way now. The only downside is that I’m never caught up on the current season of a show, and I’m not always able to keep myself from getting spoiled. Alas, a first world problem if there ever was one. - I'm searching for a quick, easy recipe on Pinterest because I spent all day watching 'Call the Midwife' on Netflix.


Anyhoo…my latest discovery is Scandal, and OMG! How did I not know about this show? I’m totally hooked and halfway through season two already. - It appears that you have suffered a


Lorna Jane

Last but not least, I’m participating in the Move Nourish Believe February Blogger Challenge with Lorna Jane and the Sweat Pink community. Here’s how it works. Each day, we get a new challenge. The first week’s challenges were all about moving, and then next Monday we’ll pick up with the nourish challenges…and so on.

Here’s how my first week went:

2/3: Sweat-it-out! – Show us your favorite way to sweat!

Friday Five | #mnbchallenge | Mommy Runs It

2/4: Change it up! – Sweat a new way!

Friday Five | #mnbchallenge | Mommy Runs It

Post-Run Yoga from YogaWorks

2/5: Let’s get planking! – Plank for at least five minutes today!

Friday Five | #mnbchallenge | Mommy Runs It

2/6: Buddy up! – Workout with a friend today!

Friday Five | #mnbchallenge | Mommy Runs It

2/7: Fave Friday! – Show us your five fitness favorites! Exercises, people, whatever gets you moving and motivated!

Friday Five | #mnbchallenge | Mommy Runs It

5 songs that give me an extra push during a run


So that’s my week in a nutshell and my First Friday Five (although there’s probably a good chance that it’ll be almost Saturday by the time I press the publish button. Ah, well. I tried.) Have a super weekend! Good luck to those of you who are running or racing.


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  1. Hi! I haven’t worked on my roller derby article since I first started it, but I would like to get back to it eventually. That’s why I could never be a writer in real life- not enough discipline.
    I haven’t gone to an Open Skate Night at the rink where my team practices, but I’m pretty sure that at least one night a week is 80s night. :-)

    I love all the pics of you and the girls from Ashley Furniture. I almost got put in Facebook jail for liking all of the pictures in such rapid succession! I got a message telling me I was going too fast & that I better slow down or I would get banned! Yikes!

    I’ve only heard great things about “Scandal.” Maybe I’ll have to try watching it someday.

    A song I’m really liking right now that makes me dance and has an 80s feel to it is “Bulletproof” by La Roux. It’s a few years old, but I only recently discovered it.

    • I was thinking maybe you & I could write a post together, Q & A style. Does that sound fun?

      Too funny about Facebook jail. I’ve almost gotten sent there a couple of times myself. But seriously, weren’t the pictures of the girls amazing? They’re so photogenic.

      Scandal, OMG, yes. So good. I’ll probably be done with season 2 by next week…then what am I going to do with myself?

      I have that song on my iPod. :) xoxo

  2. Fun stuff! I also enjoy “binge watching” shows as opposed to keeping up every week–I have such a hard time remembering what comes on when….which is why I love Hulu because you can keep up with current seasons. Also, I love rollerskating! But I haven’t done it in soo long!

    • I loved going roller skating when I was a kid! It’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

      Binge watching – that’s the right name for it! I finished Scandal and now I’m watching Parenthood.

  3. I’m loving the MNB Challenge!

  4. I’ve never heard of Scandal! I’ll have to check it out because I’m loving my treadmill as long as I have something good to watch on Netflix.

    • Me too! I’m a huge fan of watching TV on the treadmill. It’s incredible what a difference it makes. Definitely check out Scandal. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve already finished the first two seasons. I might need a little TV break. :)

  5. Your girls really are adorable! Love that red hair. This sounds like a great week! We don’t have cable or any type of television either and love streaming netflix. I love the variety of quality kids stuff as well as the adult shows too. Now if I could just find time to watch some of the adult stuff!

    • Aw, thanks! It’s kind of the perfect shade of red, isn’t it? Lucky kid.

      I never thought I’d get used to not having cable, but I truly don’t miss it at all. My 5 year old doesn’t even remember life with cable. :)

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