Shopping with Kids at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Thank you to Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods for sponsoring today’s conversation. As always, all opinions are my own.

DICK’s Sporting Goods has recently remodeled their women’s departments to better accommodate moms – they’ve widened the aisles to better accommodate kids and strollers, and they’ve made shopping easier by pairing outfits throughout the store.

When I was approached to write about the redesign, my first thought was, “Those sound like great changes, but how do they impact me?” My kids are too big for strollers now. My days of bumping and squeezing through aisles with baby carriers and strollers are long gone.

And then I remembered my actual children.

Shopping with Kids at Dick's Sporting Goods | Mommy Runs It | #DSGFit4U #sponsored

No more strollers, but we have a whole different set of challenges now. A quick stop at the grocery store? Ha. These two will be swing dancing in the frozen food section. So you can imagine what shopping for myself is like. (Or maybe you don’t have to imagine. Anyone else have kids who like to play tag in store aisles? Please tell me it’s not just me.)

Now that my kids are in elementary school, you’d think I’d have the luxury of shopping alone. Again, I say ha. I think I go shopping by myself – fun shopping, not errand shopping – maybe 4 times a year. Even with my kids in school all day, there’s just no time. (I’m sorry to break it to you stay-at-home-moms with toddlers, but all that free time you’re dreaming about having someday doesn’t exist. Don’t shoot the messenger. I just thought you should know.)

Anyway, my point is that shopping with my kids is unavoidable – so anything that makes the experience easier and more child-friendly is welcome.

So a couple of weeks ago I got brave and took the kids shopping with me at DICK’s. It went something like this:

Shopping with Kids at Dick's Sporting Goods | Mommy Runs It | #DSGFit4U #sponsored

I went shopping for running/sports bras…

Shopping with Kids at Dick's Sporting Goods | Mommy Runs It | #DSGFit4U #sponsored

…but the kids were infinitely more interested in this slingshot. (I didn’t buy it – cue tantrum.)

Shopping with Kids at Dick's Sporting Goods | Mommy Runs It | #DSGFit4U #sponsored

Just in case you’ve never done it yourself, this is what shopping for bras with your kids looks like…

Shopping with Kids at Dick's Sporting Goods | Mommy Runs It | #DSGFit4U #sponsored

…but I still managed to find one great high impact sports bra – “The Show Off” Max Support Bra from Champion. And it was 25% off, so even better.

Shopping with Kids at Dick's Sporting Goods | Mommy Runs It | #DSGFit4U #sponsored

In between the chaos, I did get to check out the women’s department, and I really do like the new layout. They’ve managed to fill it with loads of clothing choices, while keeping the aisles wide. Spacious even. There’s even enough room for swing dancing.

Shopping with Kids at Dick's Sporting Goods | Mommy Runs It | #DSGFit4U #sponsored

I’ve got another shopping trip to DICK’s planned for September. Will I splurge on a cute outfit or stick to sensible stuff like bras? Will I lose a child in the store (again)? Will I buy the slingshot?

Stay tuned.


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